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  Second opinion in pathology

Second opinion Service in Cancer Pathology
( Oncopathology)

When people get a serious diagnosis from their doctor, it's not uncommon to get a second opinion. Oncopath Diagnostics founded by Dr.Prashant Jani,MD,FRCPC,FCAP, has some of the world's leading pathology experts, who can help in providing expert opinion on Cancer Pathology Cases.  

Here are some frequently asked questions about second opinions.

Why should I consider getting a second opinion?

An accurate diagnosis is essential to ensure the most effective treatment. Your current doctor will frequently recommend a second opinion, if only to confirm his/her recommended course of action. 

A second opinion requires only that you submit  send your slides to us. No additional visit or surgery is necessary.

Do I need another biopsy or operation to get a second opinion?

Not necessarily. If your physician sends your slides to OncoPath Diagnostics,Pune,India.   our pathologists, who are experts in field of cancer pathology , normally review them without the need for you to have any additional diagnostic procedures. In some cases, however, it may be necessary to obtain additional biopsies to confirm your diagnosis, but this cannot be determined until your slides have been reviewed.

What is involved in getting a 2nd opinion from Oncopath Diagnostics?

Your physician or hospital sends your slides and a summary of your case to Oncopath Diagnostics, where they will be reviewed by pathologists with expertise about diseases that you may have. The review process normally takes 3-5 days, after which  sends a report of all findings to your physician and/or others you may designate; and your slides and other materials are returned.

Will it bother my doctor if I get a second opinion?
Getting a second opinion of a diagnosis is common practice. Many people do this as a matter of routine.

Please contact Oncopath Diagnostics,Pune ,India . www.OncoPathdx.com 

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